Monday, August 08, 2016

Review: Don't Tempt Me

Title: Don't Tempt Me
Author: Lori Foster
Released: July 26, 2016
Love comes along when it's least wanted 
Jason Guthrie has no time for entanglements—between helping out his widowed brother and teenage nephew and getting his hometown back on its feet, his days are spoken for. But his nights are another story… And when his lovely new neighbor, Honor Brown, reluctantly accepts his help in remodeling her house, Jason finds himself wishing his handyman skills could knock down the defenses she keeps building around herself.

Martial arts teacher Sullivan Dean knows real danger when he sees it—even when it takes the form of the gorgeous blonde helping her friend move in across the street. After putting his wayward past behind him to focus on teaching control to troubled kids, Sullivan has learned to avoid party girls like Lexie Perkins. But Sullivan can't seem to keep his hands off the real woman behind that flirty charm—or keep his heart from landing at her feet…

My Review:
Don’t Tempt Me was kind of a mess. First off, it had 4 different point of views, Jason, Honor, Lexie, and Sullivan, and no real way to tell whenever it was switching POV’s. I needed to know who was talking, and it was very hard to follow along. Second, the writing seemed rushed and a bit illogical. Lori Foster was trying to fit two different stories into one and it didn’t seem so well planned out. Now, bear with me, the copy I had was an early release copy, so a lot of these problems could be fixed, but they bugged me a lot whenever I was reading.
Honor was a mess of emotions. She refused to let anyone help her and felt that if anyone did, it was her being weak. GIRL! You can accept help without being a weakling, I promise. She was a very stubborn character, but had a fire in her that was badass when she let it show, but that was very rare. I loved who Honor was in her heart, I just think that she had a lot of problems that didn’t seem to be solved or get better. I also don’t like problem characters who suddenly get better, it just annoys me. Especially emotions.
Jason was a rock. He was always there willing to lend a hand and help in any way he could. His whole family was that way and it was adorable. I loved seeing things from Jason’s POV because he gave Honor the time and space she needed to let go of some of her problems. I really enjoyed Jason’s character because he is someone I would want to have in my life. He is a good wholesome person who just wanted to help others and build things with his hands. And he was damn good at it.
Lexie and Sullivan will be put together. Their story seemed forced because it didn’t get that much time to be developed. Both of their characters were good at heart, but it was hard for them to show it outside of their walls. They both cared deeply for the loved ones in their lives and it was nice to see people without any ulterior motives. They just wanted the best for those in their lives and care.
Honestly, this book was cute. But the ending was a mess of too much emotion and tears and that annoyed me. I don’t know why, but it did. Usually I’m all for those kinds of endings, but it just didn’t seem to fit. Don’t Tempt Me is a cute little summer read that is perfect for a day in the sun. 

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