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Book Tag: Pokemon Go!

Disclaimer: Pokemon Go belongs to Niantic and Nintendo.

Pokemon Go has taken over the world and I love it. I will admit that I barely go outside to actually play but that is because I live in Texas and have a full time job. But that is besides the point. I always played Pokemon as a kid and I am so excited to have a new way to play!

Check out the original post on Read at Midnight. She came up with this awesome idea and all the graphics! 

Rules from Read at Midnight:
NIL. Link back to my blog is appreciated but optional. Feel free to use my graphics. Tag people, don’t tag people, whatever. Just have fun!

I started with Charmander because I love that little fiery devil! He is so adorable, how could I not? I have always had a place in my heart for Charmander and his evolutions ever since my brother tricked me into trading my Super Rare Charzard card for some random useless one. I was like 5. 

My starter book was The Magic Tree House by Mary Pope Osborn. My mom used to read those to my brother and I throughout our childhood and I absolutely loved them. We used to sit in our tree house all cuddled together reading and enjoying the books as a family! 

I love Pikachu. I need to catch one so that I can feel fulfilled in my life. Yes, that is what I need for fulfillment. 

Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Rick Riordan is one of my favorite authors and I love every Greek/Roman mythology book that he has put out. He is great and pretty much solidified my love of reading in the fourth grade. I love him and his books. 

THEY ARE FREAKING EVERYWHERE. They're also impossible to catch because they're always flying around and dodging your pokeball. 

The Twilight Series. They are everywhere. There is still like 30 copies of each book in every Half-Price bookstore I go into. It's crazy. 

"The elusive Ditto still have not appeared in this game yet, but this amorphous Pokemon is so loveable. Also, you can win $5000 if you catch one via Ripley’s Believe it Or Not contest, which just adds to its appeal." - Read at Midnight

Julie Kagawa's Talon series reminds me a lot of Sophie Jordan's Firelight series. The story is pretty dang similar in the first book. After that, they differ. But when I first read it all I could think was "This is Firelight."

I wish I was Snorlax sometimes. Not the size of him, but the fact that he just sits around all day and sleeps. I would freaking love that. 

Game of Thrones. 100%. My boyfriend bought them for me for Valentine's Day two years ago and I still haven't picked them up. I also have them in eBook form and still haven't read them... They scare me. 

Gengar always terrified me. I hate ghosts so I stayed as far away from this Pokemon as possible. I don't think I've caught him yet in Pokemon Go! 

There has been so many. As a college student, I don't have a lot of time for reading so I sacrifice sleep for it. The one I can think of most recently was Princess of Tyrone. I finished that book in mere hours but I started it at about midnight. 

The only all-nighter that I have pulled for a book was for Breaking Dawn. I loved that series and I needed to read Breaking Dawn as quickly as possible. 

"Of course, you could also have Nidoking/Nidoking and Nidoqueen/Nidoqueen and everything else in between." - Read at Midnight. I honestly forgot about these Pokemon...

My book OTPs are many and varied, but currently my heart bleeds for Kaz/Inej (Six of Crows), Feysand (ACOMAF), Rowaelin (Throne of Glass), Jace/Clary (City of Bones), Kat/Daemon (Obsidian), and Alex/Aiden (Half-Blood). 

I love Rapidash. I always thought it was so freaking cute. 

An action packed book that I have read recently would be Rebel of the Sands. That book was non-stop action from start to finish and I loved every page of it. 

I LOVE EEVEE. It is so cute and adorable that I just want to smoosh it and hug it. I also love all of its evolutions. I want them all. 

I will never get sick of seeing spin-offs for Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead. Her writing is so amazing and I adore all of her characters. 

"As you well know, this lowly fish will one day be a fearsome Gyarados. First, I need to catch about 100 more Magikarps so I can have enough candy for this evolution. HOW?" - Read at Midnight

I have to say Widlefire by Karsten Knight took me by surprise. Not many people were talking about this book and it was getting mixed reviews and I went into it a little apprehensively. I love it though. It was such a beautifully written book and a well thought out story. 

I really don't have a favorite legendary. They keep making them and I can't remember half of them. But I have always loved Zapados. He is pretty great. 

I am a terrible book nerd, but the Harry Potter Series. Yes, I will admit it. I have never read the books. I have watched all of the movies and I love the world, I just haven't had time to pick up the books. 

I cheated when I was younger in order to get a Mew. I had an action replay and I caught a level 100 Mew. In the wild. That thing was legit. 

I really don't have a collectors edition that I wish I owned. I don't really like them that much. I think they're gorgeous, but I'll keep my original covers, thanks. 

I have only hatched like one egg, like I said, its hot and I'm lazy. Yet, I have a full bag of them, so lets get walking. 

None really come to mind. I just got back into the blogging world and haven't seen many new debut authors lately. :'(

I live right next to a public park, so I never have to use my own! Muhahah. Again, it's not like I actually go outside though. 

Author's that I will automatically buy their books are Sarah J. Maas, Jennifer L. Armentrout, Miranda Kenneally, Rick Riordan, Cassandra Clare, Aimee Carter, and Marissa Meyer.

THEY SEEM TO ALWAYS BE DOWN. They need to be fixed. The game always seems to be lagging or just being plain annoying. Fix your dang servers. 

I always seem to be waiting for the next Sarah J. Maas book, Jennifer Armentrout, or Cassandra Clare. Those are all books I am constantly waiting for. 

People I am tagging: 

EVERYONE. Yes, I realize that is a cop-out, but I don't know which of my bookish friends actually play! So go forth and share the love of Pokemon! If you read and enjoy this post and want to carry it on, please tag Read at Midnight and myself! I would love to read your takes!

So are you playing Pokemon Go? What team are you in? What’s your favourite Pokemon? Let me know

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