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Book Tour: Summer of Irreverence: The Rock Star Review

Summer of Irreverence -- The Rock Star

Title: Summer of Irreverence: The Rock Star
Author: Cathrine Goldstein
Published: July 6, 2016

Straight-laced, veterinary surgeon, Summer Wynters is ready to break the rules. And who better to break them with than the most irreverent of all men, mega rock star Malcolm Angel? With one last summer free from work obligations, Summer moves to New York City, and at the coaxing of her friend, pretends to be a model so she can spend one wild night with Malcolm.
Rock star, Malcolm Angel, tortured by a dark past, may be the poet laureate of romance, but he, like science-minded Summer, has never believed in romantic love. How could he? With his history, he doesn’t deserve to be loved.
When Summer’s honesty, kindness, and exuberance for life changes his perspective, the two discover they are in deeper than either dreamed possible. But when Malcolm discovers Summer’s been perpetuating a lie, will he forgive her? Even if forgiveness is possible, can a man immune to love teach someone else to believe in it?
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My Review:
This book was so very cute. It was just what I needed to get out of my book slump caused by Sarah J. Maas’ A Court of Mist and Fury. Which, if you haven’t read, go read it. But back to Summer of Irreverence: The Rock Star which I will call SOI because that title is so dang long.
Like I said, this book was very cute. The story was a fast paced romance that left me feeling so very happy for the characters in the end. It is set in summer time so right now is the perfect time to go and read it. Set out on the beach and dig in to this book. My main complaint about SOI is that the author seemed to force the characters into having emotional trouble and baggage that just didn’t seem to work. The emotional issues were thrown in my face instead of blending it into the story line. Other than that, I really did enjoy the story that I read, I just wished that the emotions were more interwoven.
Summer was an adorable introvert that didn’t seem so introverted once she stepped into her role as a vet (you’ll figure out what I mean when you meet a certain cow). But, she started her whole story on a charade that I knew was going to blow up in her face from the beginning, it always ends up that way one character lies to another from the beginning. Other than her idiotic charade, she was adorable. She was finally starting her career as a vet, a goal she had been working towards since the second grade, and wanted a summer of fun. Fun in which she stepped out of her boundaries and seduced someone so unlike her usual type. But, you’ll have to read the book to find out how well she succeeds in that endeavor!
Malcolm is a famous rock star who puts out this image that doesn’t actually match who he is. For one, he has this old golden lab who he hides from the public eye so that no one can (aka crazy fans) can take him away. I really enjoyed Malcolm’s character and I love his name. I don’t know why, but I really like the name Malcolm. There really isn’t much to say about Malcolm’s character. About a third of the book is told from his point of view but really I wanted it all from his side. Though, he could use some more emotions, it wouldn’t hurt him!
Guys, this book is a perfect summer read. Go curl up by the pool, beach, or on your hammock (unless you’re like me who stays inside) and just read, read, read! It is a cute little summer romance that will leave you feeling happy at the end. 

About the Author 

I am a bestselling author, and a NYC girl at heart. I write “gritty romance,” in the genres of YA, NA; women’s fiction; and romance. I’m also the author of The Letting and The Coupling, books 1 and 2 of The Letting series. I began my career as an award-winning playwright, and I am a proud member of RWA, PAN. I have my BA in English and my MA in Theatre. 

I am a fan of Luna Bars, decaf coffee, yoga, Hemingway, and Bukowski—and the loves of my life are my husband and my two young girls.

To find out more about me; Summer of Irreverence, the first book in The New York Artists Series—standalone novels about strong, artistic men, and the smart, unexpected women they fall for; The Letting series; and what’s coming soon, please visit:

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  1. Thank you so much for the wonderful review of Summer of Irreverence--The Rock Star ! And thanks for featuring SOI on your fabulous blog!


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