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Review: Harmony

Title: Harmony
Author: Sonya Bria
Published: June 1, 2012
Source: Review Copy

A Curse.
It started with a curse centuries ago placed upon the House of Ulster:
One more powerful than I will come,
She alone will break the spell.
With her as guide the dark will align.
If someone told you that you were the key to an ancient tragedy, what would you do?
Sophie is a high school senior with only two things on her mind, graduating from Jefferson High, and moving on, leaving the death of her mother firmly in the past. But the past is not done with Sophie, and she finds herself suddenly thrust into a tragic, Irish love story centuries old. Does she have the strength to accept her part, confront her own past, and rely on someone long forgotten?
Ian is a vampire with only one thing on his mind...Sophie. For years, he has watched over Sophie, and protected her from the darkness surrounding her mother's death. He would like nothing more than to forget the past, but his fate lies with Sophie and her destiny. Can he help Sophie confront her nightmares and not fall in love?
Sophie and Ian will discover that they also have a connection-something that could bind them together forever or rip them apart. What will they choose?
Only time will tell.
This is their story.

Harmony was sort of a weird book for me. It had this awkward feel to it. I don’t really know how to explain it. I really enjoyed the beginning, but as I got father and father into the book, I got more and more confused about where the story was going and what was the idea behind the story.

The cover is very simple. It has that kind of beauty that only comes from it being simple!

Plot/ Writing:
The writing and plot structure were just okay. The writing was a little jumpy and I found typos, but it kept me interested in it. The plot had a little more bugs in it. It jumped around a lot with no real transitions. For example, Sophie had just met Ian, and now she is going to stay at his house in the middle of the woods. Anyone else confused about how that happened?

Sophie is very trusting. She just goes blindly into situations without thinking them through, when she really needs too. She practically gives up her life for Ian and just follows him blindly everywhere because he was the voice she heard in her head. Literally. It creeped me out how much she just trusted him and fell in love with him. She is also very confused about what her future holds and how her new powers are going to affect her.

Ian just flat out creeps me out. Sure he can be sweet and kind and all, but he has also stalked this girl since she was ten, and he is a 23 year old vampire. He is also in her head, and can read her mind. Something about him just freaked me out. He did have some redeeming qualities; he was super protective, rich and handsome. Those added up to be awesome qualities.

All in All:
I did enjoy this book, it just confused at certain parts. It’s hard to get a grasp on the book until the very end.

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