Monday, October 24, 2011

Meet Me On Monday: #4

This weekly meme is hosted by Never Growing Old. She posts fun little questions on Sunday and we answer them on Monday!

1. My favorite kind of animal is_________? 
I think my favorite kind of animal is a penguin. I've always loved those little guys!

2. Do you like your handwriting?
Ha! Nope! My handwriting could be better... A lot better....

3. What is the last movie you saw?
The last movie I saw was Mama Mia! I absolutely adore that movie! 

4. Do you buy things on eBay?
Nope, I'd rather do Amazon!  

5. What did you have for lunch yesterday?
Panera Bread! Yummy!!



  1. Do you write much to see your handwriting?
    Have a good week.

  2. I'm in High school and my teachers refuse to get with the times and let us type all our notes.. So yea I sadly see my horrible handwriting on a daily basis!
    Have a good week too!! :)


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