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Stolen Review

Every vampire has a destined lifeMate, a mate who is a perfect match. What happens if that perfect mate is stolen?

Katrina knows Eric is her destined mate, but her high school rival has other plans for Eric.

Twisting the most ancient of Sídhí laws, Clarisse steals Eric from Katrina with binding words, knowing Katrina can't fight back. Or can she?

Dreams of death dance in Katrina's head, because no one gets between a vampire and her true mate.


Eric, my former best friend, walked across his back deck. My heart lurched at the sight of him. After eight years of being my very best friend, he could make me laugh at anything, knowing when to comfort and when to tease me.

I missed him so much it hurt. Watching him through the wide slats, I wished he'd talk to me, but I knew it was wishful thinking on my part.

He was only sixteen months younger than I was, but it seemed like a hundred. I couldn't understand his sudden dislike of me to save me. One day, without warning he had stopped talking to me. To say it hurt was an awful understatement.

He stopped in the middle of the deck, looking toward my house. His forehead crinkled and I saw a deep yearning in his eyes. He took a step forward then stopped. His scrawny shoulders slumped and he shook his head. Strands of dark red hair flopped in his eyes.

My heart raced, thundering in my ears. Could he miss me as much as I missed him?

Three months ago, after I went through Sídhí puberty - twenty-one days of going from stick-thin to beach bunny - he started ignoring me, avoiding me as if I had grown two heads or had the plague or something.

Yeah, he dropped contact with me so fast my head spun. When it first happened, I thought he must be angry about something. You know some teenage boy thing that had his shorts in a twist. I tried talking to him, but he would turn and stomp away every time.

I snorted in disgust at the memory. Ignoring me royally ticked me off. Before long, anytime I saw him I stormed off in the opposite direction without another word.

Now, here he was looking like he was the one who had been dumped.

From my vantage point, I watched him gulp a couple of times. From his desolate, scrunched-up face, I couldn't help but wonder if he missed me. Maybe he was as miserable as I was.

I hoped so.

Ugh, that sounded horrid. I couldn't help it. We'd been connected at the hip ever since his family moved in next door. If I wasn't at his house then he was at mine. I really missed him.

I hesitated, but I had to try. Butterflies stirred my stomach. I stood and leaned over the wood railing.

“Hey Eric, what's up?”

His head jerked up, looking straight at me. Gray-green eyes grew wide. The pause lasted a whole two seconds. Giving me a brief wave of his hand, his voice squeaked as he said my name, “Katrina, sorry, got to run. I'm late.”

Before I could respond, he turned and rushed through the back door of his white clapboard home. I caught the aroma of hot, spiced cider on the upward breeze. Hot and delicious spiced with cinnamon. My mouth watered as I sat frozen in time, unable to move if my life had depended on it.

The moment his eyes met mine the synth crystal lacing my blood bloomed into life, singing the Song of the Sídhí. I sucked for oxygen and air hissed through my clenched teeth, burning its way into my ice-cold lungs. It didn't seem to help my dazed reaction.

Reality, ever so slowly, dawned on me: My body's synth crystal marked Eric as my lifeMate.

I enjoyed this book, sure it was a little short considering it was only 22,000 words. It was still really good. Even with the length of the book being short, it had quality writing! I had  requested to read this book from a Read, Reviews, Recommendations that has authors suggest bloggers to review their books! I am really happy I requested this book!

The plot was quick and to the point, but kept you guessing about what Katrina would do. I like a little length in my books, but this one was worth it. It gave enough background information for you to understand what was going on, even if it was the 3rd book in the series.

Lets start with Katrina. She's a very determined girl. She's suffering from the fact that her best friend has ditched her. Without any explanation. It doesn't stop her though from living her life. She still longs for her best friend, and it hurts even more when she see's him right next door, and he runs away from her.

Her best friend's name is Eric. He is the 'pre-pub' kid who is suffering right along with Katrina, but isn't doing anything about his suffrage. Then a spiteful girl who hates Katrina latches on to him and well starts to ruin his life. What will he do now that he is forbidden to talk to Katrina and is in pain because of it?

I really enjoyed this book. Enough to go and buy the other books written by Jodie B. Cooper. I give this book a 49 out of 59 tacos! Thank you Mrs. Cooper for having me review the book, I have thoroughly enjoyed it!!!


  1. Great review! I also asked to review this novella. I can't wait to read it!

  2. Thanks so much for the great review! I'm glad you enjoyed Katrina and Eric's story. It was fun to write.



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