Saturday, August 25, 2012

Review: Silver

Title: Silver
Author: Talia Vance
Published: September 8, 2012
Source: eGalley

An Irish heritage, Celtic myth, and deadly beauty
In eighth grade, Brianna did something so dreadful she was suspended and homeschooled. No one could explain what happened that night . . . except Brianna's Irish grandmother, who gave her a silver charm bracelet and told her to wear it until she turned seventeen. Ever since she slipped it on, Brianna has felt like she's invisible. People stare right past her as if she doesn't exist. And that includes Blake Williams, the one boy she can't resist.
But everything changes in one frozen, silver moment when Blake sees her--and recognizes what she's been hiding. Brianna is descended from Danu, the legendary Bandia of Celtic myth. Yet before she can fully understand who or what she is, Brianna accidentally binds her soul to Blake--whose tribe has spent the last thousand years hunting Danu's descendants to protect humanity.

I loved Silver! Every second of it just drew me in and I was reading as fast as I could to finish it and get to the ending. There were a few slow parts where I found myself bored, but they were quickly replaced by amazingness. I loved it! J

The cover has a sort of mysterious air to it. It is breathtaking though.

As I mentioned earlier, the plot was pretty fast paced. Sometimes it seemed a little too fast. One page she would still be trying to grasp the situation, and the next she would be kicking butt with powers she has no idea that she has. I sat there think I would be in shock if this happened to me, but your just accepting it like it’s no big deal.. Okay? The writing was okay too, there were a few mistakes that could easily be looked over, but other than that it was a good book.

Brianna just rolls with the punches and anything else that is thrown at her. She just seems fine with everything, when a normal person would be freaking out over everything that is happening to her. It was a little unnerving. She was an amazing character, don’t get me wrong, but she also seemed a little too easy going and then too headstrong. I felt like she was bipolar a lot throughout the book, you never knew how she was going to react to anything.

Blake was hawt. Yes I went there. He was also sweet and caring, but got on my nerves at certain points. He was a confusing character to grasp because he knew more about Bri then he was letting on, but he thought she knew everything he knew so he let stuff that shouldn’t go on, continue. Bipolar characters... can’t live with ‘em can’t live without ‘em.

All in All:
I did enjoy Silver, even if it had some bipolar characters! Ha-ha, if you’re looking for your next witch book, look no further than Silver! J

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  1. I am glad you liked it, it's next on my TBR list. But I usually have a problem with bipolar characters, it makes them feel a little bit fake. Like the author doesn't really know who the character is and just makes them react in a certain way to get the story going. I hope it won't put me off.


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