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Review: Wandering Stars


Title: Wandering Stars
Author: Marlon Pierre-Antoine
Published: October 1, 2011
Source: Author Request Copy
Version: eBook

Alice Valdez is a normal seventeen year old girl living a mundane post high school life that consists of work, sleep, hanging out, and more work - but it all changes when a chance encounter on the beach one night leads to a series of haunting dreams that bring her face to face with the most ancient evil the Universe has ever known. 

What do you do when the man you care for is none other than the Devil himself? Wandering Stars follows one girl's journey into the arms of darkness and into Hell itself - all in the name of love.

I was drawn into this book instantly. Wandering Stars has been on my to be read pile for about a month, and I finally got a chance to pick it up and thoroughly enjoy it, which it was! My first impression was wow! I wanted to be there with Alice when she saw two strange men talking in a strange language on a sandy beach in the dark of night.

I really like the cover. It is simple with non of the in your face images. I like the fact that its just two people with their backs to each other and a simple black backdrop with stars on it. The plot seemed to be a little rushed. The parts that I would want to be stretched out, seemed to be rushed. Then the parts that you would think would be short so you could get to the action, those moments were elongated, more than they should be.

Lets begin with Alice. She is a quiet girl with only a couple close friends. Then she meets Lucas, or the Devil as you soon find out. She was a very motivated character and very loving. She loved her best friend Evelyn, she loved Lucas, and of course she loved her mom. Her mind was taken over by Lucas and that was just a little annoying. but understandable. She would go through the depths of Hell for Lucas, and would do it over and over again.

Then there's Lucas. You don't get inside his head much, but you do hear a few thoughts. He wants to be free from his Curse and somehow Alice is key to that. Though you never fully figure out how she is. He keeps saying that he is this evil person, which I mean is understandable being the Devil, but he doesn't show that through his actions. He is sweet, caring, and considerate. He wants nothing but the best for Alice and I don't see how you can think hes a devil for that. 

There were parts of the book that didn't seem to fit in with the story, like these weird letters about an unknown darkness in the New World. They were never fully explained to the readers. I hope there is another books so this can be fully explained!

All in all I enjoyed this book! I liked the characters and the story line. I give this book 39 out of 51 Tacos! I want to thank the author, Marlon Pierre-Antoine, for giving me a chance to read this book. I would recommend it to anyone! I hope that he writes another book to continue the story and elaborate more on what happened at the end!

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  1. Thanks for the review! Just wanted to let you and the readers know that there is a sequel (two in fact); the next book is in development and will be called Silvernight.


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