Monday, October 22, 2012

Review: Black City

Author: Elizabeth Richards
Published: November 13, 2012
Source:  Princess Bookie

A dark and tender post-apocalyptic love story set in the aftermath of a bloody war.
In a city where humans and Darklings are now separated by a high wall and tensions between the two races still simmer after a terrible war, sixteen-year-olds Ash Fisher, a half-blood Darkling, and Natalie Buchanan, a human and the daughter of the Emissary, meet and do the unthinkable—they fall in love. Bonded by a mysterious connection that causes Ash’s long-dormant heart to beat, Ash and Natalie first deny and then struggle to fight their forbidden feelings for each other, knowing if they’re caught, they’ll be executed—but their feelings are too strong.
When Ash and Natalie then find themselves at the center of a deadly conspiracy that threatens to pull the humans and Darklings back into war, they must make hard choices that could result in both their deaths.

Wow. That was one intense book. From the very first line of the first chapter you were drawn into the story of Ash and Natalie. It was a story about love, truly finding yourself, and standing up for what is right, no matter the consequences. I loved the way this book was written and how you just felt everything that was going on.

Whoa, I am pretty sure that anyone who has ever seen the cover has fallen in love with it. It is absolutely gorgeous! I love the colors they used, and how it was a rose exploding. Though I hope no roses were harmed in the making of this cover! ;)

Plot/ Writing:
The writing was really descriptive and you could picture everything that was happening. There were points in the book that confused me and I spent time wondering why those scenes were in the book in the first place, but once you got past those few scenes everything was amazing. Richards creates an amazing world with her writing and I cannot wait to read more.

Ash was interesting. He wasn’t entirely human and he wasn’t entirely darkling. He was the best of both worlds, I guess. The story starts off from his POV and I’m pretty sure everyone has read that amazing first chapter. He was a pretty easy to character to get a grip on. He had hot and cold moments. You could never really tell what he was going to do or say next and that was the beauty of Ash’s character.

Natalie is a different story. She has this life set out for her by her mother and one she has to follow because she can’t disobey mommy. Yet she does. I really enjoyed Natalie’s character because she just wants to have a normal life without her mom’s supervision and she goes after that kind of life. J

All in All:
I loved Black City! I cannot wait till everyone gets a chance to read this and fan girl with me about it! J


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