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Review: Torn

Title: Torn
Author: Ashley S. Morgan
Published: February 20, 2012
Source: Review Copy

Isadora Rivers feels trapped. Her small town high school is suffocating her. Another day of wannabe gangsters, dumb jocks, and Barbie clones, and she'll just lose it. Her keen emotional sensitivity is to blame. She sees through all of the poser behavior to the pain and insecurity simmering just below the surface, and it's overwhelming. She feels like she's literally drowning in other people's emotions.

This same sensitivity, however, makes her a great actress. Suffocating or not, her high school is one of the top arts schools in the country. Acting is not only her passion, but it also looks like her way out. If she can just score the lead role in the school play, she might get herself noticed by a Hollywood agent. But she's got a strong reckless streak, and it keeps getting her in trouble and jeopardizing her chances.

Riding her bike at top speed, she swerves in front of a car and nearly gets hit. The driver, Tristan Blake, turns out to be the mysterious new boy at school. He's rebellious, broody, and wise beyond his years. He's also devastatingly gorgeous. From the moment their eyes meet, Isadora is irresistibly drawn to him. But as soon as he enters her life, things go horribly wrong. She begins having disturbing visions full of unimaginable glamour and unbearable darkness. He knows things about her he shouldn't. And he's somehow so familiar. As he at turns pulls her close, and then pushes her away, Isadora feels like her heart is being twisted and torn.

She soon discovers that her whole future is in jeopardy, and her only hope is to stay away from Tristan. But how can she turn away from the only boy she has ever loved? As a harrowing event looms closer, one that threatens to rip apart her psyche, Isadora must reach deep inside herself and find the strength to change her own destiny. But is she strong enough to do it?

Torn was a very confusing story. I felt as though there should've been a book before this. The story was fine, but I just felt like I was very confused. Plus the formatting in PDF was wonky. It would be bold face one letter and normal print the next. Those kinds of things piss the crap outta me.

Frankly it is quite creepy. What is it supposed to be? It doesn't seem to go with the book at all and just confused me. Plus this is the first time I've seen the cover.

The story was well written and everything was fine grammatically and spelling wise. Other then that, it seemed to be all over the place. There seemed to be no real plot to it. Well there was, but the way I interpreted it was that the organization wasn't as well thought through as it could've been. The set up finally ended around page 90, and that's when everything interesting started happening. In my opinion, that took way to long. Still, the story was a feel good story and had me guessing the whole way through!

Izzy was a very confused character from the start. She has this need for an adrenaline rush, and that sorta ruled the story. She is a very headstrong person, and that makes her rush into things. She remembers things that she shouldn't even know about and it creeps her out. She feels this connection with a strange man, and well.. She rushes into things without thinking.

Then there is Tristan. The strange man I mentioned above. He takes the town by storm. Saving Izzy and capturing her heart, and a couple of other people hearts too. He is very devoted and would risk his life for the people he loves. Which made him a very, very sexy character in my book! :)

All in All:
Minus some of the plot issues, the book was really good. If you like a feel good story then you should look into getting a hold of this one! 3 out of 5 tacos!

There is a new cover that has been recently made, it is shown below!

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